Air Seychelles restructuring and repositioning programme-Redeployment task force sets up working procedures


It is expected to look into a comprehensive and effective procedure to ensure staff retrenching, redeployment and redundancy are done in a professional and non-biased manner and to the benefit of all staff leaving the company. 

The task force is made up of representatives from the Ministry of Employment, Department of Public Administration, the National Human Resources Development Council (NHRDC) and Air Seychelles.

They met this week at the Air Seychelles head office at the airport to discuss the basic guidelines of the retrenching exercise which should be completed within a deadline of two weeks.

To immediately launch off their work, the task force has requested each departmental director of the seven departments – Finance, Human Resources & Information Technology, Technical Operations, Ground Services, Freight Services, Sales & Marketing and Flight Operations – to present a new organisational structure for each department showing a reduction in the number of staff.

Additional information required to this will be post title, salary scale, years of service, productivity of the said staff, attitude and working relations with other colleagues and qualifications.

Air Seychelles director for Human Resources & Information Technology Marc Chang-Lam has said:
“We have embarked on an intensive working exercise since the beginning of the week, meeting all the departmental directors and who have also had one-to-one sessions with chief executive Bram Steller and his deputy, Garry Albert.

Mr Chang Lam said his HR team has been working endlessly to compile all the necessary information which will be delivered to the task force.

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