President James Michel’s message on Defence Forces Day-‘We recognise and show appreciation for the noble work being done by our armed forces’


President MichelPresident Michel, who is also the commander in chief of the Seychelles People’s Defence Forces, says this in his message on the occasion of Defence Forces Day today.

The following is the full text of President Michel’s message:

“November 25, Defence Forces Day, is an important date on our calendar of events. It is dedicated to the brave men and women serving in the Seychelles People’s Defence Forces.

“On this special day we, the government and people of Seychelles, recognise and show appreciation for the noble work our armed forces are doing to protect our sovereignty and natural resources.

“The origin of our Defence Forces Day is November 25, 1981, when our military repelled an attack by a foreign band of armed men. It was a baptism of fire for our newly-created defence forces. Seychelles emerged stronger and more determined to protect what are truly ours – our nationhood, freedom, way of life and national development. Defence Forces Day is therefore a celebration of the victory and all our other military successes.

“My message to our defence forces on their day is one of gratitude. I am proud of you. The Seychellois people are proud of your work. It is a day for all of us to show our support to our military. Professionals like you are a great example to our people. You deserve all our support.

“Our security is facing new threats, coming mainly from piracy. Fortunately, we have our valiant men and women who are in the first line of defence. And they have proven their worth in fighting when they risked their lives at sea to rescue our compatriots who had been taken hostage. They have achieved what bigger naval nations could not dare do.

“We are at the forefront in the fight against piracy. We have to continue winning this war. I want to reassure the people of Seychelles that our defence forces are battle-hardened, more determined and better prepared for the task of guarding our country and our achievements. We are doing more than our fair share in trying to contain the scourge which is affecting maritime traffic in the vast Indian Ocean. We are a small country with limited resources, but our determination and courage have enabled us to punch above our weight.

“Today we salute our men and women in the military for their sacrifices. It is also a day to show solidarity with their families.

“We also remember all our fallen Seychellois, and those injured in all wars.

“I wish all members of the military a happy Defence Forces Day. May God forever watch over them and protect our nation from harm.”

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