Step into the driving seat with Space-Tracker


Local IT company SPACE 95 has introduced a unique system where your vehicle can go anywhere except out of sight. The GPS tracking system is able to monitor and control your cars, jeeps, trucks and other vehicles to their precise details.

SPACE 95, a leading provider of GPS-vehicle tracking systems, aims at offering innovative and cost-effective vehicle tracking solutions comprising hardware and software.

Jaya Nair, sales & marketing manager of SPACE 95, says ”the system not only cuts costs but will help cut back on employees using official vehicles for private purposes.”

“The solution does not require a company to make upfront investment in the equipment, servers, software etc. It is a service-based solution and the customer only pays a monthly subscription starting from only R290 per vehicle per month,” he added.

Space-Tracker works on any PC connected to the internet as well as most compatible mobile smart phones. The system allows authorised users to monitor the vehicles in the following ways:

1. Real time position on Google Map of all vehicles

2. Playback of previous journeys

3. Get live alerts on the computer for a number of events including:
• Starting of the engine
• Opening or closing of the doors
• Turning on the air condition
• Over-speeding
• Entering an unauthorised area.

4. You will also have access to many reports including distances and journeys.  That could allow, for example, for the cross-checking of mileage claim against the journey report.

5. The system also comes with an optional fuel monitoring sensor, the user can see in real time the fuel level of all the vehicles on the screen and can watch live as the fuel goes up on refilling and see as it comes down upon use. This fuel consumption report can be printed on a daily/week/monthly basis.

The devices also have panic buttons allowing employees to alert the office during an accident or dangerous situation, and they will be used to dispatch the closest employee to the nearest job.

Mr Nair says the company offers the opportunity to demonstrate the system – live –  to any interested customer and demonstrate how the solution can save them fleet running costs, as well as others costs starting from day one. A trial web-based login can also be provided for testing if required.

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