Defence Forces Day-Seychelles celebrates 30th anniversary of mercenary repulsion


Souvenir photo taken at the end of the wreath-laying ceremony

The event – which also coincided with the 30th anniversary of the repulsion of the attack by foreign mercenaries on Seychelles soil – was held early yesterday morning.

With a large military turnout, the event was attended by the chief of the defence forces Brigadier Leopold Payet and other high-ranking officials, as well as police commissioner Ernest Quatre and other high-ranking police officers. Also present were representatives of the Indian army, the Seychelles National Youth Council and Seychellois ex-servicemen.
Music for the event was provided by the national brass band led by bandmaster Nilsen Ernest.

On November 25 1981, under the command of Second Lieutenant David Antat, the Seychelles People’s Defence Forces repelled an attack by foreign mercenaries led by Mike Hoare.

Mr Antat lost his life in the ordeal and the SPDF sent a strong message of condolences to his family.

“There is nothing that can be said that will fill the hole torn in your heart. But his sacrifice will forever be remembered and honoured, and we mourn with you for the fallen and join you in your grief,” a representative of the SPDF said.

SPDF chaplain Louis Agathine said a prayer and blessed all those present and their families. Then, with the guard of honour standing at attention, Brigadier Payet led the way in the laying of wreaths, followed by other high-ranking officials.

Brigadier Payet received a general salute as the band played the national anthem to end the ceremony.

A sports day is being organised today at the Bois de Rose coast guards base as part of activities for the defence forces day.

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