National budget of R3.5 billion proposed for 2012


The ministry with the highest allocation remains Health (R423,950,000), followed by the Ministry of Education, Employment and Human Resources with R396,447,000.

A huge sum of R672,061,000 will cater for transfers to public sector, while R370,843,000 will go to benefits and approved programmes of Social Security Fund.

Following is the table of allocation of authorised expenditure as proposed in the Appropriation Bill 2012:

Allocation of Authorised Expenditure                                                            R’000

President’s Office                                                                                          41,144

Ministry of Investment, Natural Resources and Industry                              10,774

Ministry of Finance and Trade                                                                       43,937

Department of Defence                                                                                126,461

Department of Legal Affairs                                                                           21,235

Department of Information                                                                                  822

Department of Information, Communication and Technology                       26,889

Ministry of Education, Employment and Human Resources                         396,447

Ministry of Foreign Affairs                                                                               65,020

Ministry of Health                                                                                          423,950

Ministry of Social Development and Culture                                                   53,025

Ministry of Land Use and Housing                                                                   33,798

Department of Public Administration                                                               24,173

Ministry of Home Affairs, Environment, Transport and Energy                      235,930

Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports                                  43,445

Office of the Ombudsman                                                                                   1,651

Constitutional Appointments Authority                                                                  595

Office of the Public Service Appeals Board                                                           612

The Judiciary                                                                                                      31,464

Office of the Auditor General                                                                              9,886

National Assembly                                                                                             20,976

Electoral Commission                                                                                          2,071

Seychelles Fire and Rescue Services Agency                                                    19,121

Agency for Social Protection                                                                              25,507

National Human Resources Development Council                                             6,715

Landscape and Waste Management Agency                                                    95,438

Seychelles Agriculture Agency                                                                           28,044

Office of the Mayor of Victoria                                                                            1,763

Seychelles Land Transport Agency                                                                     64,800

Small Enterprising Promotion Agency                                                                  7,499

Other Wages and Salaries                                                                               164,445

Other Goods and Services                                                                                 63,278

Social Programmes from Central Government                                                314,581

Transfers to Public Sector                                                                                672,061

Benefits and Approved Programmes of Social Security Fund                          370,843

Others                                                                                                                17,269

Contingency                                                                                                       75,000

Trade Tax Exemption                                                                                           5,000

General Advance                                                                                                12,314

TOTAL                                                                                                            3,557,982



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