President Michel sends condolences messages to bereaved families


“The sudden demise of the two young brothers in the sea at Beau Vallon beach, as well as the terrible fire at Au Cap which took the lives of two mothers and their children  this morning (yesterday morning), leave us in profound shock and sorrow. Their tragic loss will be mourned by the Seychellois nation. My deepest sympathies and thoughts are with the family and friends of the Adam-Musa and Charlette families,” said President Michel.

The President also expressed his sincere condolences to the family of Brian Lucas, who died at the Mont Royal rehabilitation centre yester morning following a fire incident. Brian Lucas is the brother of Honourable Wilby Lucas.

Two young men, Shannil Salim Adam Moosa (22 years) and Shamir Salim Adam Moosa (19 years) from St Louis, drowned at Beau Vallon Beach on Sunday.

A house fire in the early hours of yesterday morning also caused the deaths of four members of the Charlette family at Au Cap. A mother, Natasha Didon (24 years) and her son Devron Charlette (five years) as well as the mother Saline Seth (24 years) and her daughter Jasmin Charlette (three years) passed away in the fire.

The grandfather and owner of the house, Samuel Charlette, is in intensive care at the Seychelles Hospital.

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