Karting-Winners crowned during Super Final


The opening race was for drivers in the SF Novice class. It was run in two groups of five with the top three from each group contesting the final. R Charlette was the overall winner with a time of 4 minutes 44.50 seconds (4:44.50), with A. Padayachy second, M. Padayachy third, K. Shakida fourth, A Gonthier fifth, J. Pothin sixth, D. Shakida seventh, J Samsoodin eighth, G. Olivia ninth and D. Viljoen 10th.

Charlette was lucky to get his first win as his engine began to misfire on the run to the finish line.
In the SF Cadet class, Ryan Marianne retained his title but it was Julio Chetty who took the important win on the day.

Marianne finished the race in second place after falling behind on a first-lap spin, while Rodney Salome was third and Amadave Camille fourth.

Marianne finished first on the table with 149 points with Salome second on 121, Chetty third on 110, Camille fourth on 95 and the absent Gédéon fifth on 55.

In the SF Junior division, Arnold Mein, who had already clinched the title since October, won the final race to cap a fantastic year.

Despite winning, Mein was made to work hard by Rennick Bonnelame who finished second and Chan Decommarmond was third.

Arnold finished with 176 points, followed by Decommarmond with136.5, Bonnelame third with 122.5, D. Toule fourth with 95, M. Low-Toy fifth with 42 and K. Loizeau sixth with 19. Toule, Low-Toy and Loizeau were all absent for the event.

The SF S2 division was won by Montel Kurz in a time of 5:14.94, with Andrew Gabriel taking a very creditable second place, Christian Port-Louis finishing third and Yannick Gabriel claiming fourth position.

Andrew Gabriel gave a good demonstration of his driving skills as he challenged Kurz who was driving a faster kart. He could have won the driver-of-the-day award for his contribution.

Kurz has won the title with 134 points, Andrew finished second on 130, Port-Louis third on 110, Yannick fourth on 81, S. Vital fifth on 58 and A. Camille sixth on 35.

In the SF Ladies class, Liza Rene-Cosgrow took the title with 92 points followed by Debra Mellon with 84.5, Bernardette Mein third with 58.5, V. Esparon fourth with 38, and N. Bonté fifth with 27.
The real battle was between Liza and Debra in the two heats and final. It was so close that they collided in one of the heats, but the experience and patience of Liza prevailed in the end.

Marc Delcy takes SF S1 title

As always, the SF S1 class was intensely contested by Peter Fred and Marc Delcy. In the end, Delcy made sure he took the title away from Fred who finished second in the race.

Damien Bonnelame, Roland Delcy, Marvin Sophie and Dane Decommarmond followed in third, fourth, fifth and sixth positions.

The final race was the SF KGP where Rene-Cosgrow held a slight point advantage over Dave Rene at the start of the final.

To make things more interesting, Russian kart driver Altai Sakibaev was thrown into the mix. With John Simon, Stephan Simon, Rene-Cosgrow and Rene all using the same kind of engine, it was surely going to be a good race.

Rene took heat one only after Rene-Cosgrow, who had led all the way, made a small mistake in the hairpin. He also took heat two with his daughter hot on his bumper and Stephan Simon third.

Altai drove fast but had two spins into the barrier at the fast first bend, but kept on going with a little help from the assistants.

In the final, Rene got off ahead of daughter Rene-Cosgrow and kept the lead until the end to take the first SF KGP title. Rene-Cosgrow was second, Stephan Simon third and Altai fourth. John Simon had an engine mounting failure on his kart and had to retire from the final.

Rene won the championship with 67.5 points, while Rene-Cosgrow was the runner-up with 65, Stephan Simon third with 47, John Simon fourth with 21 and Altai fifth with 16.

The prize-giving gala will be held on Wednesday December 14 at the Golden Plate Restaurant.
Meanwhile, the next round of the Enduro season is either this weekend or next Thursday.


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