President visits grieving families


Mr Michel was accompanied on his visits to the Adam Moosa, Charlette and Lucas families by Community Development, Youth and Sports Minister Vincent Meriton and the Minister for Social Development and Culture, Bernard Shamlaye.

Shannil Salim Adam Moosa (22 years) and Shamir Salim Adam Moosa (19 years) from St Louis drowned at Beau Vallon beach on Sunday.

A house fire in the early hours of Monday morning caused the deaths of four members of the Charlette family at Au Cap. Natasha Didon (24 years) and her son Devron Charlette (five years) as well as Saline Seth (24 years) and her daughter Jasmin Charlette (three years) were burned to death.

Brian Lucas died at the Mont Royal rehabilitation centre at Forêt Noire on Monday morning following a fire incident.

"We are all grieving as a nation for the loss of their loved ones. Each family has suffered unimaginable pain, and I wish to express my sympathy in person. There are no words that can describe these tragedies. I join the Seychellois nation in prayer during this difficult time.

We will help these families in trying to rebuild their lives," said the President after visiting the grieving families yesterday afternoon.

The President also called for greater safety measures at Beau Vallon beach as well as fire safety education in households and workplaces.

"There are too many fires taking place in the country, and this year has been a particularly high number. More needs to be done to minimise the risks of fires as well as to educate household members how to best respond in the case of fires."

The President also noted that life guard services as well as warnings on Beau Vallon beach would need to be evaluated.

"There is a need to carry out a comprehensive evaluation of the life guard services being provided to the government by private contractors," concluded the President.

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