Diplomats’ spouses set to raise funds again


Last year’s event met with an overwhelming response, both from the organisation’s members and the public.

The DSA said money raised then was disbursed to various local community-related projects with a major donation to the Children’s Home Foundation.

Other charities and worthy causes that got DSA’s help through the year were The Sisters of Charity, the North East Point Hospice, Foyer de Nazareth, and The River of Life organisation which is affiliated to the Catholic Mission, among others. The DSA also gave books to the department of education.

The association has said it is sourcing and getting a special software, Jaws, which is being donated to the School for the Exceptional Children.

“In the process of our work we are truly encouraged by the role played by the organisations that have come on board to support our activities. It reiterates our conviction that together we can make a difference to those who may need a little support today for a better tomorrow,” the DSA said in a press release.

“As it did last year, the First Lady’s office has been once again exceptionally supportive with the bazaar related organisation. We are truly thankful and appreciative of the help.”

“Once again, the public will have an opportunity to taste the experience and buy interesting gifts for this festive season too.

“In addition to the various stalls representing the different countries we will have a Luxury Lucky Draw of high value items this year. We also have activities such as face painting, bouncing castle and others to keep the children engaged.”

The DSA said entry is free and open to all, adding the bazaar will be open from 9.30am until 3pm. “We invite everyone to come with friends and family and make it a fun day.”

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