Ile Perseverance-250 new houses to be completed next year


At district level (notably Carana, Corgat Estate and Les Mamelles) the government is expected to deliver 60 additional units.

Vice-President Danny Faure, who is also the Minister for Finance and Trade, made these announcements while presenting his 2012 Budget address before the national Assembly on Tuesday.

He noted that this year, the Ministry of Land Use and Habitat completed a total of 331 houses/units (including 79 in various districts, and 252 on Perseverance Island).
The ministry also completed the construction of access roads which allowed the delivery of 22 new plots of land.

Supporting infrastructure projects have also been completed in a few areas where land had already been allocated. These projects have benefited approximately 20 plots.
In an effort to promote private sector business development, Mr Faure said tenders will also be launched for commercial developments on Perseverance Island.

He also noted that the tender process is being finalised for the completion of the construction of a crèche and primary school on Perseverance Island, which is being financed by BADEA and OFID. Construction is expected to start early in 2012.

Provisions have been made to launch a second tender for the construction of a secondary school on the island.

Mr Faure also said that the government is ploughing ahead with work for infrastructural developments on Eve Island and address certain sewerage problems in a few government housing estates.

The government also anticipates completion of the project for road building at the Ex-Deltel Land Bank.

Mr Faure also announced that a new housing finance policy will be implemented next year.

“Under this new policy, the new role of Housing Finance Company (HFC) will be defined. HFC will have a new mandate and its role will be streamlined,” Mr Faure said.

He said that, under this new housing finance policy, the government will work closely with financial institutions so that they may play a more active role in providing finance to the housing sector.

“The right of every Seychellois to adequate housing remains a fundamental objective of this government,” Mr Faure said.

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