Judo: Port Glaud Championship-Good turnout for annual Port Glaud championship


Souvenir photo of the judokas, coaches and parents

Coach Francis Labrosse, who is also the chairman of the Port Glaud Judo Club, said the turnout was excellent and the competition flowed smoothly without any major constraint.

He added that the athletes maintained a very high level of discipline and also praised the outstanding performance of the special athletes who took part.

Coach Labrosse also thanked the parents for their loyal support and has urged them to extend this partnership.

Saturday’s competition, which offered very spectacular fights, was divided into seven categories–  male -25kg, -40kg, 45kg, -50kg, -60kg and female -30kg (poussin), -30kg (benjamin), -40kg and -52kg.

In the male -25kg category there were only two contestants and Fabio Bertola Thevenon won the group’s single bout against Dyland Monthy.

Philip Brutus was the winner of the -40kg category, while Raj Anacoura topped the 45kg category after winning all his five bouts.

In the -50kg group, Ranold Louise overpowered his only opponent Mario Brigillia, while Dominique César was invincible in the -60kg group. He won all his four bouts to top the group.

In the female -30kg (poussin) category, Marion Monpert was the champion after winning the group’s only bout against Audrey Randriamampionona, while Tinisha Souris was the winner of the -30kg (benjamin) class with two victories.

In the -40kgcategory, Natifa Nourrice was the winner after beating her only opponent Joanne Julie.

With three victories in as many bouts, Petra Tomking was the grand winner of the -52kg category.


Complete results of the championship:

1. Fabio Bertola Thevenon
2. Dyland Monthy

1. Philip Brutus
2. Jean- Marc Desilva
3. Mikeal Andrew
3. Travis Anacoura

1. Raj  Annacoura
2. Davis
3. Mathias De Luca
3. Cedric Randriamampionona

1. Ranold Louise
2. Mario Brigillia

1.  Dominique César
2. Mervin Serret
3. Yannick Cedric
3. Trevor Henriette
-30kg (poussin)
1. Marion Monpert
2. Audrey Randriamampionona

30kg (benjamin)
1. Tinisha Souris
2. Gaia Greyson
3. Lea De Luca

1. Natifa Nourrice
2. Joanne Julie

-52kg (cadet)
1. Petra Tomking
2. Vanessa Cherry
3. Marielle Agathe
3. Rania Alcindor


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