Seychelles’ finest mobile network (3G+) is here


Having already declared its financial year 2011/2012 as the “Investment Year”, CWS is currently investing over USD25 million to improve the services it delivers across the board.

Of this, a significant amount was invested into the now complete mobile network upgrade putting CWS in a better position to meet and exceed the demands and expectations of its mobile customers for years to come.

Excited about the completion of the project, chief executive Charles Hammond stated:

“This upgrade to a new state-of-the-art 3G+ mobile network across Mahe, Praslin and La Digue demonstrates our determination and commitment to offering the best customer experience. 

“The fact that this new system is 4G ready also demonstrates that our vision for the business is being implemented.

“During the initial stage of the project, we undertook different measures to minimise impact on customer’s mobile experience.  The Mobile Improvement Project, along with the other major on-going projects is in line with CWS’ mission statement which reads ‘To provide world class communication services and solutions whenever and wherever people work, play and have fun.”

CWS’ last mobile upgrade was only five years ago.
3G+ services were introduced at the end of 2010 in the form of “Plug & Play Internet”, offering customers high speed data services (Mobile Broadband) in a few selected locations on Mahe only.  After careful planning and execution, the company then went about changing all previous Mobile Base Stations (Mobile Towers) from 2.75G (EDGE technology) to 3G+ to offer high quality voice and data services nationwide.

With so many “smart” devices on the market, customers can now get the most out of their BlackBerry®, smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. on the back of the best mobile network.

CWS itself is set to offer a range of 3G devices and data rich packages that will allow customers to really take advantage of the network.

Browsing and email, downloads and social networking, entertainment and of course calls, all on the go, are now at the fingertips of customers at a performance level comparable to sophisticated markets across the globe.

The 3G+ mobile network upgrade is really just one part of the company’s master plan to modernise its entire core network. Using fibre optic technology, CWS is currently implementing a new line plant in preparation for the landing of the fibre optic submarine cable in 2012, set to revolutionise communications in Seychelles.

The new digital core network will enable the company to distribute the highest quality of mobile, fixed and internet services.



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