Cleanse mind, body and spirit in new event in Seychelles next year


 The event will spread over different islands

Now, more people are heading to the idyllic archipelago in the Indian Ocean to soothe and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul, away from the bustles and hassles of everyday life.

It is in that spirit that Seychelles will host a completely new event next year – the ‘Seychelles International Mind Body Spirit Festival’ – in which visitors will enjoy a holistic package of rejuvenation and wellbeing. They can do this in combination with their sun, sand and sea holiday and at the end of their stay, leave Seychelles happy and relaxed like never before.

The festival, which is receiving the full support of the Seychelles Tourism Board, is the personal project of UK tour operator David Clarke and his wife Marsha.

According to Mr Clarke, he has seen an increase in the number of clients looking to experience the ‘tranquility and serene nature of Seychelles’ and knowing that the destination has so much to offer in that area, he started to put together this wellness event two years ago.

“This outdoor festival aims to position the Seychelles islands as the most natural, beautiful and eco-friendly destination on the planet,” he said, adding new clients should be made aware of the benefits of holidaying in Seychelles, whereas existing clients need a ‘fresh and new incentive’ to go back to Seychelles.

Mr Clarke explained that a number of destinations around the world are currently promoting their wellness niche above all else and in his opinion, none of them has a product as attractive as Seychelles.
“Seychelles has so much to offer and I’m happy to say that the festival will take the wellness theme a step further as visitors would get to take part in a number of events and activities to help boost their personal health and wellbeing,” he said.

The inaugural ‘Seychelles International Mind Body and Spirit Festival’ will take place from June 18-29 next year, during a period considered as low season for tourists in Seychelles.

Thus, besides presenting a new attraction to potential travellers, the aim is to also boost visitors to Seychelles during that period and fill in hotel rooms. Already, a number of Seychelles trade partners have come on board the project, seeing the benefits that it would bring them in terms of new business and clients.

The activities and events would allow those taking part to travel to different locations and islands in Seychelles, to de-stress and empower themselves with relaxation techniques for the mind. There will also be opportunities for spa and pampering treatments, alongside gentle physical exercises like tai chi, yoga and pilates, aimed at the wellbeing of the body.

As for the spirit, the festival will bring in a very important component – art and culture. Those taking part will be able to work alongside international and Seychellois artists, and get to relax and unwind in their environment.

Mr Clarke said all partners stand to benefit from the project, whether a hotel, guest-house, musician or an artisan.
He said hotels can offer special packages for foreigners or organise one of the many interesting events which will bring a crowd to their hotel, and as a result earn them new business.

The organiser is looking for new partners especially in arts and culture to help put together an attractive programme for that part of the festival. Artisans and musicians are being invited to visit the festival’s website to learn more about the opportunities available for them.

A meeting for all partners will be held next month in Seychelles and the details will be published closer to date.

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