Father and son duo mark 10 years in music with ‘Best Of’ compilation


The sleeve of Danny and David’s The Best of Danny & David Deltel, 2001 – 2011Ever since the release of their debut album Go Country in 2001, Danny and David have been treating Seychellois and fans around the world with original country rock music that has stood the test of time.

Widely recognised for their signature tune All The Way To Mexico, this dynamic duo have released a total of four albums, over 50 original compositions, have sold over 10,000 CDs in Seychelles alone and have had one of their songs – The Words She Had To Say – appear on an international compilation album in 2002 with those of several South African music stars.

What has always made Danny and David unique is their originality. David, as the principal songwriter of the duo, has penned almost every single song they have released over the 10 years with a style, cleverness and quality that is simply unlike any other songwriter on the islands.

Throughout their catalogue of compositions, you will find songs of humour, songs of pain, songs of love, songs of travel, songs of faith, songs of hope. In fact, all the emotions and life themes that they experience as human beings and that have a universal appeal have been poured into the songs of this duo. And no one does it quite like Danny and David.

As singers, both father and son have their own distinct styles and sound. Danny has more of a traditional country voice of the finest quality, effortless in its delivery. David’s voice, on the other hand, is more modern, edgy and gritty resulting in a musical contrast that appeals to older and younger listeners alike.

To celebrate 10 years of success in the music business, Danny and David are treating fans with the release of The Best of Danny & David Deltel, 2001 – 2011.

Basically, they have lifted 18 of their most popular songs from their four previous albums to give fans the best of their career to date. Always looking to give more value than what can be reasonably expected, Danny and David have recorded four new songs for the ‘Best Of’ compilation. One of the new songs is a Christmas cover as a response to requests over the years from fans for a Christmas tune.

As an extra bonus, David has also included Hello Again on the disc – the song he wrote and performed for the National Council for Children’s ‘Say Hello’ campaign.  All in all, you get 23 high quality songs on one album for the standard cost of a music CD in Seychelles – providing unbelievable value for your money!

Danny and David normally produce and sell about 2,500 CDs per album released, however, The Best of Danny & David, 2001 – 2011 is to be released as a Limited Edition only. Only 1,000 copies have been produced as the duo claim that only the most loyal of their fans deserve to have all of their best work on one CD. So, it’s first come first serve guys!

The CD has been on sale since December 1, 2011 and as usual the duo will be selling copies themselves in town this month, giving fans an opportunity to meet them face to face. Some copies will also be made available from Ray’s Music Room. Direct orders can also be made by calling 2571362.

On the sleeve notes of the new album, one can read the following words from father and son to their fans: “We’ve worked damn hard over the years to bring you original, quality music. And you’ve kept it going, simply by buying, listening and appreciating the music that makes us so proud today … everyday. Thank you so much for the love and support over the past decade.”

Well guys, the hard work has paid off. Congratulations for 10 years of great music!


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