Second international bazaar a hit with public


Organised by the Diplomatic Spouses Association of Seychelles (DSA), the activity took place last Saturday at the National Cultural Centre.

Speaking to the local media, DSA chairperson Brigitte Bianchin-Mignot said since the formation of the DSA, its members decided to get together to raise funds for different causes, including but not limited to foyers, old people’s homes and hospitals.
She added that what came to them next was organising a bazaar where different people from different countries would come together to sell food and other items from their respective cultures.

Ms Bianchin-Mignot explained that most of the money raised at the end of the day would be equally shared among local causes chosen to receive financial help.

Lydia Forbes, a member of the DSA, said due to the bazaar’s unexpected success last year, the DSA has decided to make it an annual event.

“We have more stands this year including local stalls such as the President’s Village and School for the Exceptional Child who have taken part with the hope of raising some funds of their own,” she said, adding that approximately 10 countries in all have taken part in this year’s bazaar including Britain, India, China, France, Russia, Maldives, Malaysia and Serbia to name a few.

Some of the things that were on sale in this year’s bazaar were French bread and pastries, Russian vodka and meat pies, Russian dolls, British cup cakes, Serbian desserts, Chinese teas and wine, Indian and Malaysian cuisine and various tokens and souvenirs from different countries.

For the younger visitors to the bazaar, a bouncy castle was set up outside the National Cultural Centre and nearby was a face painting stall.

Our pictures show some of the stalls at Saturday’s bazaar.

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