New economic council a ‘wise step forward’ -- SHTA


Referring to the nominations of SHTA chairman Louis D’Offay and the chief executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board Alain St Ange among members on the council, a press release from SHTA said this confirms the overall economic importance that the tourism and hospitality industry plays at all levels of our economy in Seychelles.

Furthermore, it confirms the importance of each and every investment made by each and every member of the SHTA today and beyond, added the press release.

“The success of this council as it begins its important work cannot be underestimated or disregarded, for we must all ensure that this council’s work succeed at each and every turn, even as the turbulent economic tides of our main overseas markets batter our shores,” the press release said.

“That this is happening today, amid economic uncertainty, and that it will continue for the unforeseeable future, suggests that the creation of this National Economic Council at this moment in time is not only a wise step forward, but also of extreme importance to our Seychellois nation,” added the press release.

The National Economic Council, which will be chaired by the President himself, will have the function of advising the government on the best economic policy for sustainable national growth and development.

The council will meet regularly to discuss matters raised by its members, or referred to it by the government. The council may commission and analyse such data and information as may be required to enable it to advise government on suitable economic strategies, and to determine the extent to which existing national programmes meet strategic economic objectives.

“Continued economic success depends on the cooperation of all stakeholders. Working for the benefit of Seychelles is paramount in every decision-making process. The National Economic Council will serve as a hub for information, debate and advice, in the process of developing sound national economic policy,” the President said when announcing the creation of the council.

Besides President Michel as chairman and Vice-President Danny Faure -- who is also Finance and Trade minister -- as vice-chair, the council is made up of 14 other members – most of whom high-profile individuals from the public and private economic sector.

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