Karting-Team LMD win season-ending endurance race


LMD’s 91 laps were three more than the total of runners-up Dot Com made up of John Simon, Andy Denousse and Rennick Bonnelame, while third place went to team Mavricks of Peter Fred, Andrew Gabriel and Christian Port-Louis with just one lap behind.

On a beautiful but hot day at the Champions Park raceway, Roche Caïman, the drivers turned up for an exciting day though they did not know who they were going to be teamed up with.

To make things fair, the organisers drew the names of the drivers and the kart they were to drive from the hat. This produced some interesting crews.

To make things even more interesting, the track layout had been changed to include five extra sharp corners to make it a 10-corner circuit which was loved by the drivers.

With a Le Mans-type start where all drivers had to run to their waiting karts, it was team YMR made up of the Delcy brothers – Marc and Roland – and Yannick Gabriel who started on pole. They made the early running at the front, however, they had a torrid time as first a rear wheel loosened and later it worked off completely forcing them to stop to change kart. They finished in sixth position.

While the other karts were running and doing their pit stops, it was difficult to know exactly who was leading, but slowly it became evident that team LMD of Rene-Cosgrow, Decommarmond and Kurz, and team Mavricks comprising Fred, Gabriel and Port-Louis were at the front.

At this point, team DRC of Dave Rene, Redman Bonnelame and Chan Decommarmond – two novices to Enduro karting – were clawing their way up the leader board after having started last. But they too suffered bad luck when during their final three stints their kart developed a fuel intake problem and had to crawl round for the last 15 minutes to finish fourth – one lap behind the third placed team.

At this time, with no fuss or drama, team Dot Com of Simon, Denousse and Bonnelame made their move to second place.

Team Toto comprising Stephan Simon, Damien Bonnelame and Debra Mellon motored well and were in the top placings only to be penalised at the end for a serious infringement which dropped them to fifth position.

In the end, it was just a lap that separated second, third and fourth positions – which couldn’t have made it a tighter finish for an endurance race.

Final endurance results 1st. LMD 91 laps, 2nd Dot Com 88 laps, 3rd Mavricks 87 laps, 4th DRC 86 laps, 5th Toto 82 laps, 6th YMR 73 laps.

The Seychelles Karting Association hopes to run three of four endurance events next year at the Roche Caïman circuit and other venues on Mahe.

As a reward for their great effort at this event, all the drivers who took part will be awarded a special prize at the annual prize-giving gala to be held on December 14 where all winners during the year will receive their prizes during a relaxed evening.


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