Christmas comes early to the President’s Village


Over the last twelve months, GVI’s Cap Ternay Marine Conservation expedition has developed a close relationship with the children’s home. Each week staff and volunteers accompany some of the children to the local marine parks to snorkel and play games, and it has been amazing to see how many of them have developed a fascination for the marine environment.

Throughout the year, the Cap Ternay team have held fundraising events to raise money for children’s home and the Christmas party was an opportunity to finally put this money to good use.  The dedicated staff of the children’s home explained how the kids were in need of clothes and shoes.  With this in mind, GVI Cap Ternay decided to do some Christmas shopping.

This was a simple enough task for the smaller kids but involved a little more planning for the teenagers, who were taken on a shopping trip where they were able to chose the trainers or clothes they wanted.

Each individual item was wrapped and attached to personalised card hand made by the volunteers for the children to open on the big night. The volunteers had spent the previous week making Christmas stockings and friendship bracelets, which were also to be given to the children on the night.

Arriving at the children’s home it was obvious that the President’s Village had gone to a lot of effort.  In preparation of the BBQ there was Christmas decorations strung up in the trees and Christmas lights hung over the tables, which gave it a lovely, festive feel.  We were told that the kids would be doing a presentation for us and we were not disappointed.  First some of the girls performed a traditional Creole dance and then more of the kids got involved and did a variety of street dances. 

Afterwards we were treated to a creole BBQ which was delicious.  After dinner, one of the boys stood up and gave a speech thanking GVI for their friendship and everything we had done for them.  GVI was then presented with a beautiful painting, done by one of the young boys at the home. It was a touching moment for the GVI volunteers and staff who had made some real friendships.

Then of course the big moment of the night arrived – the unwrapping of the gifts!  There was a great deal of excitement, and only a few tears, as the children all received their gifts from the volunteers. 
In addition to the shoes and clothes, GVI Cap Ternay have purchased some larger gifts which will be waiting for the children on Christmas morning.

Donations can be made online to support GVI’s Charitable Trust for future events, gifts, and special activities for the children of the President’s Village.


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