Traditional and Combat Ju Jitsu-Six promoted to higher grades


Souvenir photo of the promoted Ju Jitsu members, instructors and sponsors

Ben Surman has been promoted to second dan black belt, Terrence Moncherry (green), Assan Chang-Time (orange), Aville Bonne (orange), Marcel Jacques (red) and Kimani Lebon (yellow).

Sensei Philip Philoé, who is also the school’s head instructor, headed the grading session and he got help from David Antoine (third dan), Harry Rose (second dan), Jean-François Adeline and Jude Raoul (both first dan).

Sensei Philo would like to thank Dr Philip Govinden and David Low-Thion for their valuable help.

Meanwhile, all those who would like to take up Ju Jitsu are asked to contact sensei Philoé on either 2574300 or 2732599.

G. G.

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