Counter piracy operations in Seychelles-Indian Dornier aircraft clocks 100 sorties


The aircraft has flown a total of 126 sorties to date, out of which 100 were dedicated to counter-piracy.

All sorties of the Dornier have been planned and coordinated by the Seychelles People’s Defence Forces (SPDF)/Seychelles Coastguard (SCG) with the aim of carrying out maritime surveillance and counter piracy operations within the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of Seychelles.

In close liaison with the Seychelles authorities, the flight has successfully carried out one counter-piracy operation involving FV Gloria in April this year, several search and rescue missions for local fishermen in distress and one medical evacuation from Coetivy.

The Dornier has also undertaken regular surveillance missions during the last nine months and deterred illegal fishing activity within the EEZ of Seychelles.

During the National Day in June this year, the flight crew also successfully planned and coordinated a spectacular flypast of several aircraft.

The Indian Dornier aircraft continues to operate closely with the SPDF/SCG in carrying out maritime surveillance of the EEZ of Seychelles, as part of the ongoing efforts to enhance maritime security in the region and the close cooperation between Seychelles and India.

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