Assembly approves amendments to four Bills and gives support to three motions


The amendments relate to the Central Bank of Seychelles Amendment Bill, the Seychelles Revenue Commission Amendment Bill, the Revenue Administration Amendment Bill and the Companies Ordinance Amendment Bill.

The amendments were presented for the Assembly’s consideration and approval by Vice-President Danny Faure, in his capacity as the Minister for Finance and Trade.

Marie-Louise Potter, the leader of government business in the Assembly, tabled the motions in pursuant to Article 154 (6) of the Constitution resolving the Assembly to approve the supplementary estimates to regularise the expenditure of :

• R86,183,792 in excess of the approved budget for the year 2010
• R52,745,600 in excess of the approved budget for the year 2011
• R4,704,044.18 effected under the Contingency Fund for 2010.
Seychelles Nation will come back with more details on the amendments and the Bills in a future issue.

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