Assembly approves motions in support of extra spending


The leader of government business Marie-Louise Potter tabled the three motions resolving the Assembly to approve the supplementary estimates to regularise the expenditures in excess of the approved budget for 2010 and 2011.

The first motion concerns a sum of R86,183,792  from which R70,399,973 went towards covering the cost of grossing up wages and salaries for various government ministries and departments,
• R1,881,282 covered goods and services relating to the Ministry of Investment, Natural
Resources and Industry, the Department of Defence and the National Assembly secretariat
• R280,572 covered subscription to international organisations

• R1,039,120 covered additional payments for grossing up wages and salaries for the National Botanical Gardens Foundation and the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation

• R6,000,000 covered an advance transferred to the SPDF bank account in 2006 which is irrecoverable, now written off

• R6,582,845 related to car loan disbursements which became effective from June 2010.

The second motion concerns a sum of R52,745,600 to cover the costs of fuel which Air Seychelles owed Sepec for the months of November and December of this year.

The third motion concerns a sum of R4,704,044.18 which Mrs Potter said will replace money used from the contingency fund in 2010 in accordance with the Public Finance Amendment Act.

The money was used to cover six categories of expenses related to court cases namely:
• R71,880.70 by the Commission of Inquiry

• R30,577 to pay for court case settlements

• R1,055,000 used by the Department of Police to pay out of court settlement

• R1,863,510.02 used by the judiciary to pay out of court settlements

• R129,929.29 was used to pay for compensation for injuries sustained while on duty. This sum was shared by the ministries of Education, Health, Social Development and Culture and the police departmen

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