Fun and more fun in baby gym session


Gymnastics instructors with the National Sports Council (NSC), Macda Léon and Roger David are very much involved with early childhood development and they ran Saturday’s three-hour programme (from 10am to 1pm) which the children enjoyed. Other fitness instructors of the NSC helped out on the day.

Children aged one to three-and-a-half years from five day care centres around the country were invited to take part in the different activities. Other children who were in town with their parents on the day were happy to join in the fun.

They gained experience on the balance beam, mini-trampoline, circuit floor, cones, hoops, ropes exercises.

Speaking to Sports Nation, Ms Léon said the main reason behind this activity is for them (the instructors) to know the knowledge and ability of the children and also to help them to be physically active and agile.

Ms Leon added that compared to last year more children took part in Saturday’s baby gym event which is gaining in popularity.
The children really enjoyed themselves and some even did not want to go home. Our photographer Louis Toussaint was there to capture some of the activities on film.

Annie Memé

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