Local delegates visit shark centre in Kwazulu Natal


That is the centre on the Kwazulu Natal coast where the two South African experts whoA South African press cutting on the visit by the Seychelles delegation to the shark centre in Kwazulu Natal came to assess the beach security in Seychelles following two fatal shark attacks at Anse Lazio, Praslin, are based.

Social Development and Culture minister Bernard Shamlaye and the principal secretary for Environment Didier Dogley found that the 40-year-old centre is among the most advanced in the world in the field of research on sharks.

They were welcomed by the Kwazulu Natal Tourism minister, Mabuya Khulu and taken out to sea to see how the shark nets are operated.

They also attended a shark dissection.
Referring to the two fatal shark attacks at Anse Lazio in August, Mr Khulu  said: “Through this unfortunate episode, we can now build a close friendship with the Seychellois.”

During bilateral discussions, Minister Shamlaye thanked the South Africans for their cooperation.

The South African experts found that the fragment of a shark tooth found in one of the victims, proved that the predator was a bull Zambezi shark. 

On the recommendation of the  experts, two shark exclusion nets have since been set up at Anse Lazio, but nothing has been done at other beach resorts.

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