New visioning exercise to boost outer islands’ efficiency


 Touring the island to see the various developments taking place

Other than reviewing the roles and functions of the company, the visioning exercise also provides a platform to discuss difficulties encountered by various departments and also come up with recommendations leading to a work plan for the year 2012.

The first session of the visioning exercise programme which is also in line with the IDC’s vision – ‘To develop the outer islands in a manner that is economically viable’ – took place during the weekend on Desroches and it gathered department managers of the company.

It was led by the IDC chief executive Glenny Savy in the presence of his deputy Ronny Renaud.
The delegates started with a tour of the island to see the different development projects taking place before engaging in serious deliberations.

Mr Savy said the main focus of the discussions with managers was to set up a standard procedure on how to go about with the company’s daily operations in line with its vision and responsibilities. He added it was also an opportunity for managers to voice out the difficulties and constraints they encounter.

“We want to set a common goal and vision,” he said.
Mr Savy explained that the meeting was also an ideal opportunity to help the managers be aware of their roles and responsibilities towards boosting the organisation’s productivity and expansion.

The reason for choosing Desroches, he said, was to be away from the daily hectic office life on Mahe so they could better focus and come up with more fruitful decisions.

“It was also the ideal opportunity to gather all managers in one place at the same time, in a more quiet and peaceful atmosphere,” he added.

Mr Savy also said the trip allowed managers who do not get the chance to see what is taking place on the other islands to be able to better assess the results of their work.

The company’s human resource development manager Lindy Mathiot said the exercise is very efficient and will help the IDC to better adapt in a changing environment and perform in line with its mission – ‘To ensure that the outer islands actively contribute in the socio-economic development of Seychelles, while adhering to the highest environmental standards’.

The management staff during their meeting on Desroches

She explained that prior to the meeting, all managers met their staff at departmental level to gather their views and proposals which will be included in the final draft document.
Mrs Mathiot said that as part of the exercise, the IDC will review the islands’ operational manual with the aim of boosting production and ensuring that all islands are equally productive.

She added that a performance management system will also be set up to weigh the performance and encourage all staff to perform to the maximum, to increase their income and at the same time improve their working conditions.

Operations manager Paul Jean-Louis said he is now better prepared to deliver his daily work and also better manage his staff. He explained that he can now think in advance and adjust his workload which includes boat scheduling and requisition of supplies for the outer islands.

Mr Jean-Louis added that his decision-making skill has also improved after the session.
The visioning exercise is an ongoing process and the IDC is planning to hold sessions for junior staff in the future.

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