China extends support with R90 million grant


Mr Shi and Minister Adam shake hands after exchanging the signed documents

Chinese Ambassador Shi Zhongjun signed for his country while Foreign Affairs Minister Jean-Paul Adam signed for Seychelles.
The money will go towards continuing projects already started, for example the rebuilding of Glacis primary school, the Supreme Court buildings and the Les Mamelles housing project.

Mr Adam said Seychelles has in the past benefited a lot from Chinese help in projects like the Anse Royale hospital and the Au Cap school.

“China has been our first partner in development projects in this very difficult time in the world,” said Mr Adam.

He noted that small island nations like Seychelles do not have concessionary funding so China’s help is very much appreciated especially now when there are growing economic problems in the world.

Mr Shi said China and Seychelles are good friends who share very good relations and noted both are developing countries.

“As you know china has developed very quickly in the last few years, and we want Seychelles to benefit from China’s development,” he said.
“It is our duty to do that and you can count on China,” he said.

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