Successful 2011 season, says Florentine


Mr FlorentineHe was speaking at last Friday’s ceremony at the Stad Linite lobby where the country’s best volleyballers coaches and officials for the year 2011 were rewarded.

Mr Florentine said 2011 was a much awaited season as it was to assess the SVF’s four-year preparation.

Despite not  having the annual first division league, the fans were well entertained by the number of special tournaments organised, he said, adding that the double success at the IOIG crowned the hard and long-planned work of the SVF.

Mr Florentine also listed several areas which he feels should be improved upon for the betterment of Seychelles’ volleyball.

These include better preparation at club level to help bring the sport to a higher level.

As for the SVF, Mr Florentine also noted some areas which need to be worked on to ensure better service.
“Better communication and more effective ways to pass on information to clubs is an area of priority,” he added.

Concerning the national teams, Mr Florentine said better planning and preparation in terms of training will also be an area which will be dealt with accordingly, to ensure progress and also maintain the teams at a very good standard.

As for next season, Mr Florentine said the SVF will be targeting more exchange programmes and international exposure to boost the level of the sport – all with the IOIG 2015 preparation in mind.

The ‘Volleyball in schools’ project is also an important step to be taken in 2012. Funded by the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) under the federation’s development fund, the project is aimed at reviving the sport at school level and start afresh with the development of volleyball for a brighter future and also a larger selection of players.

Mr Florentine said the SVF will be providing the schools with special equipment as well as proper training.

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