Agency repairs bridge, reassures road users


Work under way to reinforce the walls on the side of the bridge

The steel culverts supporting it have been inspected and are strong and safe to pass over, Land Transport Agency’s chief executive Parinda Herath told Nation yesterday as heavy equipment removed material covering the walls, to reinforce them with concrete.

He said road users should not worry about the uneven surface of the bridge “which has resulted from settlement of the material on top of the culverts”.

“We will try and make the surface smooth but that’s neither urgent nor very important. At the moment we are reinforcing the walls to ensure they do not yield again to ocean currents soon.
Mr Herath said it will not be necessary to stop the flow of traffic.

“Vehicles can use the road at all times but of course motorists need to be careful since there is work going on as indicated by signs,” he said.

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