Seychelles People’s Defence Forces (SPDF)-Special forces set for training in India


The three-month training will cover special forces operations, VIP protection duties, commando operations and deep sea diving.

The SPDF has been receiving training in various institutes of the Indian Defence Forces for more than a decade.
“This training of 20 personnel of Tazar will further boost bilateral relations and provide the cutting edge to our Special Forces,” says a communiqué from the SPDF.

This is the second batch of trainees going to India for the same duration and training curriculum.

“Nearly all officers of the SPDF have trained in India and the excellent level of professionalism is visible in various operations carried out by our Defence Forces,” notes the communique.

Tazar will be training as a team for a month at The Commando School, followed by a month at the Special Forces Training School. They will be thereafter trained in batches for the final phase of a month at the National Security Guard Training Centre, Special Forces Training School and INS Venduruthy in all aspects of special forces tactics, VIP security, hostage rescue, close quarter battle, demolitions, slithering, communications, battle field nursing assistance, surveillance, maritime intervention operations and combat underwater diving. The personnel will be leaving for India on January 2, 2012 and will return by March 31, 2012 after the training.

The whole training, including move from/to Seychelles and within India, has been completely financed by the government of India.

Apart from giving invaluable military advice, the Indian Armed Forces is doing a yeoman service for training of SPDF personnel in all aspects.

Recently, both countries conducted a Joint Exercise on Mahe and La Digue, which was seen as a great opportunity for the personnel to build up confidence in carrying out any task for the safety of the country.

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