DAs enhance knowledge of environmental issues


Delegates listening to a presentation at the workshop 
Delegates listening to a presentation at the workshop

The aim of the workshop was to raise awareness among the DAs on the environmental problems in their respective districts, to acknowledge their strengths and to work on their weaknesses and take the opportunity to ask these organisations for help.

The workshop was attended by the principal secretary for Environment Didier Dogley, director general Public Education and Community Outreach Jeanette Larue, WildLife Clubs of Seychelles, Sustainability for Seychelles, United Nations Development Programme, Environment Trust Fund, Lungos and other representatives.

The NGOs present made a presentation each of a case study whereby the DAs got the chance to ask questions and seek clarifications.

Those responsible for financial support were also introduced so that the DAs can go to them if ever they are in need of financial help for projects linked with the environment for their districts.

“The districts will benefit through this workshop on how to integrate environmental and sustainable development issues in their annual action plans and inspire them to initiate these practices into their communities,” said Mrs Larue.

A district community award programme which will be now held annually was launched during the workshop in order to motivate and reward districts which have throughout the year taken part actively in environment activities and promote sustainable living practices.

Mrs Larue said that this community award programme will also bring the district community together and show how they put in value their natural forests and what exactly is being done in order to protect them.

The criteria for the community award programme are still being worked on, according to Mrs Larue, and are soon to be presented to the DAs for comments.

“At Cascade we have two principal sites - Mont Sebert and Waterfall – and for the time being these two sites are not being ‘looked after’ as they should, but this workshop will help my district get funding from the Global Environment Fund so that we can put them on the correct track. Following this, we could hire somebody from the district as a guide to those wishing to visit the two sites,” said Fred Barratt, the district’s administrator.

There are plans next year to hold other capacity building workshops for the DAs on other sustainable development issues such as climate change and environmental impact assessments.

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