German travel agents winners rave about Seychelles’ experience


The e-learning winners with Mrs Hunzinger (front row, second left)

In the end, only eight of them were lucky to win the trip. They visited Seychelles from December 5-10 and were overwhelmed by what they saw.

“Unbelievable – a dream come true!,” one of the participants posted on Facebook a day after her return.

The group of six women and two men had gathered from all parts of the German-speaking market, where the Seychelles online training has been running with enormous success since March.

One travel agent arrived from Austria, two from Switzerland, and the remaining five from different regions in Germany.

The winners travelled to Seychelles from Paris, courtesy of Air Seychelles. They were welcomed on Mahé by Edith Hunzinger, regional manager of the Seychelles Tourist Office in Frankfurt, and transferred to Praslin, where they stayed at the Castello Beach Hotel and the Coco de Mer Hotel.

Apart from visiting the local sights, hotels, guesthouses, smaller and larger self-catering apartments, they made a day trip to La Digue before returning to Mahé.

A sightseeing tour took them around the main island, and they spent the remaining nights at the Beachcomber Sainte Anne Resort & Spa and at the Constance Éphelia Resort.

Silhouette Cruises treated them to a sunset cruise aboard the SV Sea Shell on their last evening. Apart from the airline and the hotels, sponsors included the Paradise Sun Hotel for a luncheon and Creole Travel Services, Mason’s Travel and Select Seychelles, who provided transfers to the group.

The training programme was developed by the Seychelles Tourist Office in Germany in cooperation with trade partners in Seychelles and in Europe, including hotels, airlines, tour operators, and service providers.

It was launched at the ITB travel fair in Berlin in early March and has been popular with the travel community ever since. The recent boost in visitors from the German-speaking countries is partly attributed to the success of the e-learning programme, which has already been confirmed by actual and additional partners until 2013.

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