En Moman Avek Prezidan-2011 a very eventful year for Seychelles, says President


But the year also saw the country facing a lot of challenges, President James Michel has said.

Mr Michel said this during this year’s last programme En Moman Avek Prezidan to be aired on SBC TV on Monday evening.

During this last interview, Mr Michel talked about the many important events that have taken place during this year which we will remember for many years to come, namely the Carnaval International de Victoria, the Indian Ocean Island Games, the presidential and parliamentary elections, the Constitutional Court’s ruling in the case of the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM), electoral reforms, the restructuring of Air Seychelles, among many others.

Mr Michel has described 2011 as a very eventful and dynamic year for Seychelles but also a time during which the people showed a great sense of maturity, unity and patriotism.

“Through all our successes during this year, the people have shown that a lot can be achieved when we stand united,” said the President.

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