President James Michel’s Christmas message 2011-‘Let us forever remain a nation of love, hope, unity and sharing’


President Michel“We have lived a momentous year in 2011, marked by the greatest show of unity and solidarity among our nation. The unity and solidarity enabled us to score many victories, to the joy and happiness of all our people.

“Christmas is foremost a religious event. We should  always remember the spiritual essence of the celebration, and its true meaning in the lives of millions of people around the world. My family and I pray that this Christmas we continue to hold hands, to forever remain a nation of love, hope, unity and sharing. We think of the children who are not with their parents.

Our thoughts are with the sick in  hospitals, the disabled and the families who are facing difficulties.
“During the time approaching Christmas, lives in many homes have been shattered by tragic events. As we make our way to church and gatherings, let us say a little prayer for our two brave Seychellois who have been forcefully taken away from us to be held as hostages by pirates in a far-away and inhospitable land. We pray for the day when we will welcome them back home.

“We remember the pain of the families who lost loved ones in accidents, fires and at sea. May this Christmas be a modest, joyful and safe celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

“Our solidarity is also with the many individuals and families who have to make the transition to new opportunities, as the country adapts to the changing world environment.

“Christmas unites all of us. That is why it is a time of family reunion, love, renewal of friendship and peace everywhere.
“My family and I thank all persons, groups and organizations who make the extra effort to spread the spirit of Christmas throughout our land, especially to the children in special homes, the elderly and the sick. We are grateful to the choirs for the carols, and the businesses for the decorations.

“We wish all Seychellois everywhere, residents and visitors, a wonderful Christmas. May God continue to protect us during this festive season.”

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