Up Close … with Trassy Carolla aka Telcy-‘I will never give up music’


Born on May 27, 1992, Trassy grew up with her parents at Mont Buxton until recently whenTrassy … happy with her job as Customer Service Officer with helicopter company Zil Air they moved to another house at Cascade.

“I spent my primary one and two years at the Bel Eau Annexe and P3 to P6 at La Rosière school after which l moved to English River where I completed my secondary education.”

After secondary, Trassy joined the Seychelles Tourism Academy where she studied Reception Operation and Services.
“In fact I just graduated on May 27 this year, on the day of my birthday,” she said beaming. “And get that – I won best overall and best practical in my class.”

Young and already popular

“I loved to make friends with everybody in the neighbourhood when I was younger and always had a multitude of friends. I was also quite loud and out there – always singing or dancing,” she said, tilting her head and giving me that broad smile we’re all so fond of.

Trassy wasn’t all that quiet as a child and as we all know launched her first song at the age of six.
“You remember it right?” she said laughing. “It was called Pike Leren.”

Who wouldn’t? I think I was about 9 when I twisted my ankle creating my own fumbling moves to Trassy’s song – and I am still ever so glad I moved to a safer career choice.

Life as a musician in Seychelles

Trassy gives it to us upfront and is not shy to speak her mind.
“To make a living as a musician in Seychelles I believe you really need to have a passion for the music itself.”

“You have to love what you do otherwise it’s just going to be hard. I say this because we don’t actually get that much financial help as an artist here and that’s just a fact,” she said shrugging.

“Some of us are a little luckier – my sponsor and producer is actually my dad, Terry Carolla of Telly’s Modelling Agency, and I get a lot of support from him.”

“You see, if you’re not getting the support and you haven’t built a solid foundation, it’s sad but you won’t be going anywhere.”

Work life

Trassy, who works as a Customer Service Officer at the helicopter service Zil Air, said she loves her job and that juggling work and music can sometimes be a little tricky.

“Well, first of all, my job has to come first,” she said, holding her hands up and smiling. “I need to check my duties and if I have a free slot where I should be performing then of course I go for it. Sometimes alterations need to be done but I know that I can’t do everything at the same time.”

Music and acting in my life

“Among some of my favourite songs I’ve sung I have to say Little Queen takes the cake. It was written by my dad and made quite a big bang at the time of its release.”

Trassy released another new single on December 15 entitled My Emotions.
“The single includes Vreman Nice, Call Me and Party Time (with the video clip included),” she said.

“I really love it because for the first time it’s all my lyrics and my ideas, you know? It was a big step for me and I felt really independent while recording it. My ideas, my way after all,” she giggled.

“Vreman Nice is my favourite because it’s a continuation of Party Time where I meet a nice Seychellois guy at the party who I want to dance with,” she said wriggling her eyebrows so we all burst out laughing.
Trassy said inspiration for her music comes from all around her.

“Inspiration comes from friends, different situations and anything really. You’ll notice that the single focuses mostly on me being primarily a party girl as opposed to other recent songs that have come out which deal with heartache and love.”

Ideally, Trassy has recently been a part of a new Creole movie entitled Koneksyon Leker which was broadcast during the Christmas week on SBC television.

I didn’t get the chance to ask her much about the movie as we had the interview two weeks before it was released and she wanted it to be a surprise for her fans.

And that it was! Trassy gave an unbelievable performance in her starring role as Jane and yes, I may be a little sentimental during Christmas season but I was definitely moved by the story behind the movie. I found myself reaching for a box of tissues towards the end – unheard of! Just ask my mother.

Party time
On her less recent success, Party Time, Trassy had this to say:
“Party Time actually came at a moment when I was focussing on my studies and really, you know, not dedicating much time to my music which is why I was so surprised it became such a hit with the public.

“I was studying and I just thought ‘I really should be doing something with music too’ and I guess I just sort of did.
“In fact the beat of the song came to me while I was in the shower in Mauritius,” she said laughing.

Telcy and ... stage fright!!??

“I’m TERRIFIED,” she squealed. “Seriously, people will probably be shocked at this but I’m a big trembling mess before getting up on stage and performing. There’s the pressure of a good performance – especially when people have paid to see you perform – and wow – let’s just say it’s a LOT of pressure, but once I’m up on stage and I’m doing my thing, courage seems to come out of nowhere and at this point there ain’t nobody stopping me,” she said laughing.

“Aside from singing, I enjoy chatting with friends over the internet, browsing, going to the beach and watching cookery channels. Like Master Chef. I can’t really cook well so I watch those channels and just about drool at the TV,” she laughed.

Trassy says she enjoys music and that she will never give it up.
“This goes for everybody who has a passion in life. Pursue it, and it will continue to bring joy to your life.”


By Rebecca Chang-Tave

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