En Moman Avek Prezidan-President for dialogue in interest of the nation


Mr Michel said he has favourably welcomed the recent appeal for consultations on issues ofPresident Michel speaking during the programme national interest launched by the new leader of the opposition in the National Assembly, David Pierre, who is also the leader of the Popular Democratic Party (PDM).

Speaking during this year’s last programme En Moman Avek Prezidan -- aired on SBC TV yesterday evening -- Mr Michel said he will meet Mr Pierre as soon as is possible for him to do so.

He noted that consultations for him is very important because involving the people in the country’s development process, getting their views and ideas on issues of national interest is essential for the country’s continued development and the wellbeing of its people.

“This is why dialogue and consultations have always formed part of the way I work.  Since becoming president, I have ensured that I consult with people in the districts, from different organisations and institutions,” said Mr Michel.

Mr Michel noted it is because he strongly believes in consultation that he initiated dialogue with the former leader of the opposition in the Assembly Wavel Ramkalawan.

Mr Michel said he is happy to note that Mr Pierre had expressed the willingness to renew dialogue between them.

“I believe that by working with a constructive opposition, we can achieve a lot more for our country and our people,” said Mr Michel.

Commenting on the recent ruling by the Court of Appeal in the case of the PDM v/s the Electoral Commission relating to the calculation of proportionally elected seats, Mr Michel said what happened is proof that our democracy is active and functioning.

He added that any person and institution has the right under the Constitution to appeal and seek justice.

Mr Michel said as individuals we can disagree with the ruling but it is important to remember that we live in a democratic society where the Constitution provides for the concerned institutions to discharge their responsibilities freely.

He said it is important that we all respect the court’s ruling.
On the issue of the ongoing electoral reforms where some political parties are not taking part, Mr Michel pointed out that no individual, political party or movement can take hostage a country and its people.

He stressed that the electoral reform is a national process whereby not only political parties but all the people can take part.

“It is the duty and responsibility of everyone who wants to take part to do so and ensure our country gets good electoral laws which will later be accepted by the people when they are voted in the Assembly,” Mr Michel added.

Commenting on his vision for A New Seychelles for the coming year, Mr Michel said as he had elaborated in his election campaign manifesto, he will work to continue developing the country and this will be based on the objectives set out in the manifesto.

These will include primarily to continue:

• developing the country’s economy to make it more vibrant, dynamic and ensure that the people take on a more active part in its development and growth;

• having a social protection system where social cohesion and unity reigns and where we can continue to work together to eliminate social ills;

• bringing people in the communities together and empower them to be responsible and to take  ownership of development in their communities;

• to make Seychelles an example for the world through the development of for instance our environment, renewable energy, economic sectors, the latter for which we have so far earned a lot of international praise;

• developing the University of Seychelles;

• maintaining good governance which is essential for the country’s stability, unity and development;

• having a proactive democracy which is key to more openings towards partnership with the world.

“As a small country we cannot survive living isolated from the rest of the world. We need to take part in world activities and make the most of all opportunities to make the voice of Seychelles heard especially when it comes to the challenges our country faces,” said Mr Michel.

In line with his vision for A New Seychelles, Mr Michel also said he expects to make some changes to his cabinet, changes which will be announced soon.

These changes, he said, will be aimed at improving the performance of the government in meeting the expectations of the people.

During a year where various tumultuous world situations have had some negative impact on our small economy, President Michel is reminding the people that the situation is not and will not be easy but with the end of year fast approaching, it is important for us to remain united and to work much harder in the coming new year.

He has called on everyone and all sectors of society to contribute their share and help increase the prosperity of the country.  

He called on government institutions and the banks to seek ways to increase credit to help people develop their businesses so as to increase the country’s economic development and prosperity.

Nation hopes to publish excerpts of the interview with President Michel in its end-of-year issue which will come out on Friday December 30.

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