Rotary Club lottery draw postponed


Rotarian Michel Remacle said this is the first time the Rotary Club Seychelles has been unable to go on with the draw of the lottery.

This, he said, is because a number of ticket vendors have not handed in the ticket booklets on time.

“We sold around 40,000 tickets, that is 1,600 ticket booklets, and unfortunately 92 of these booklets are missing or have not been handed in yet,” he said.

Rotary Club Seychelles president Nandu Raghavi said in the light of the situation and in fairness to the public, the club has decided to postpone the draw for two or three weeks until the ticket booklets are safely back in their possession.

The Rotary Club Seychelles says it is sorry for the inconvenience and will let the public know of the new date for the draw.

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