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Two elections, a major regional Games and a host of overseas mission did not prevent the Head of State to find time to meet people and visit them in their communities, at school and work places.

Our selection of photos highlight some of these visits.

January 10: Talking to the owner of a small snack and take-away business at Takamaka during a visit to that district. President Michel said it is vital that people living in the various districts continue to be empowered so they can address the challenges they face directly, with government help where needed


March 12: Appreciating the beauty of Creole cuisine at Maria’s Rock Café during a visit in the  Baie Lazare district


March 12: President waving to a resident as he tours the Perseverance housing estate


November 16: President chatting with some elderly in the State House gardens as he hosts them to a party coinciding with former President Albert Rene’s birthday


November 10: Viewing projects on La Digue


November 8: Bringing comfort to relatives of two fishermen who had been taken hostage by pirates


March 25: Watching students doing practical work at the Seychelles Horticultural and Agricultural Training Centre at Anse à la Mouche. During his visit there, President Michel said more resources are needed to upgrade infrastructure and other facilities at the centre to make it more conducive to learning and fully develop its potential


February 10: President chatting to a group of students as State House launches a series of open days to mark 100 years since its foundation stone was laid

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