Attractive career choices outlined in new SPDF book


The front cover of the newly released bookIt is illustrated with more than 70 coloured pictures which show the many sections of the SPDF that young Seychellois can aim to join.

SPDF’s Chief of Staff Colonel Clifford Roseline told Nation the book is meant to show the country’s 18-28-year-olds the careers offered by our military so they can consider joining it, adding the publication has been designed and printed in London and will be made available in schools and post-secondary school institutions.

The sections of the SPDF featured include the Defence Forces Headquarters, the Special Forces Unit, the Infantry Unit, the Seychelles Coast Guard, the Seychelles Air Force, the Seychelles Defence Academy, the Military Police, the Seychelles Dog Unit, the National Brass Band and the Presidential Security Unit.

It carries a foreword by Seychelles’ Commander-in-Chief, President James Michel, in which he says young Seychellois thinking of rewarding careers would find the SPDF choices featured in the book interesting.

He notes that besides getting the chance to defending our country by being in the front line, there are also chances for both men and women who would prefer to plan operations.

“Together in just a few years we have achieved so much. On our eventful journey we learnt early that nothing could be taken for granted. In a troubled world we could never assume that enemies would not covet our islands and surrounding sea,” says Mr Michel.

“To preserve what we have gained in our independence it would always be necessary to protect our shores and patrol our waters.”

The book gives the vision, mission and values of the SPDF and its organisational structure and summarises the work of each unit.

It says the Sans Souci-based special forces unit is the most popular one because of “its vibrancy and dynamism”, being the launching pad for aspiring bodyguards”.

It says the infantry unit’s work relates to tactical operations like “road opening, patrolling, carrying out ambushes, doing anti-terrorism work, offering VIP security when required, offering internal security duties, disaster management and other tasks.

The coastguard is tasked to do search and rescue, deter maritime offences, offer environment protection, prevent sea pollution, ensure navigation safety and deal with illegal activities at sea.
The air force does surveillance, maritime reconnaissance, medical evacuation, coastal patrols, and helps transport VIP while also offering search and rescue work.

The publication says the military police support maintenance of discipline and ensure standardisation and professionalism within the SPDF.

Other tasks for the unit listed are vehicle speed limit checks, securing of military equipment, and it also “prevents and arrests absentees, deserters and defaulters and stores exhibits for judicial cases”.

The dog unit has 22 dogs including some which help detect drugs and explosives.
The unit supports the police in law enforcement and its personnel can be found working with airport authorities, says the publication.

The brass band has 60 musicians including 32 full-timers.
The presidential security unit is made up of diligently chosen “best of the best” personnel who have to meet the highest standards of training, physical fitness and motivation.

They often train with their equivalents from other countries.
The book says Seychellois wishing to join the SPDF must be physically fit, do a written test and sit an interview conducted by a board.

They need to have reached S4 level and possess police certificates verifying their character.

Those interested can apply to the Chief of Defence Forces through post office box 363, call 4224070 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The book concludes by saying that serving in the SPDF offers benefits like gratuity, allowances “and other pay, overseas training and an excellent pension scheme”.

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