President Michel's New Year message to the nation-'Let's strive for our Seychelles'


“We have to work hard in order not to be marginalised by the big changes taking place in the world. We have to work hard to plug our country into the world economy, and continue to project our image on the international scene.

“‘Striving for our Seychelles’ is about promoting excellence, honesty, respect and integrity.
It means giving our maximum in all that we do, for ourselves and our country. It is about the promotion of good values and attitude in our workplaces, hard work as a prerequisite for success, boosting the competence of our people and providing them with the resources they need to do their work well,” said the President.

The President warned that the global recession would impact the country in 2012 and that all Seychellois would need to work harder in order to offset the negative impact.

“The global recession will continue to have an impact on the travel and civil aviation sectors. Therefore, we will have to boost our mitigation measures, in order to ease the negative impact on the socio-economic development of our country. We will have to increase productivity. We’ll need to have new work ethics. We will need to become more efficient in all that we do. We have to become more innovative and creative. I am confident that we will do it because our people have demonstrated their courage and commitment for the future of Seychelles. I am confident that we will do it for the New Seychelles!”

The President said that the success of the Seychelles nation depends on good education, the social and spiritual values that are cultivated in children, as well as the type of leadership, the policies that are put in place and the opportunities that are created for the people. 

“‘Striving for our Seychelles’ is about a leadership that is able to motivate and inspire its people, and which enables all of us to strengthen the values and improve quality of life of all Seychellois. We all can render Seychelles a service, and contribute to the contentment, prosperity and wellbeing of our brothers and sisters. It is not difficult. It requires a conscious effort, collective work, less selfishness, and greater involvement in our community.  It requires tolerance, dialogue, national unity and a sense of patriotism. Above all, it requires that we remain realistic, resilient and responsible,” said the President.

President Michel also asked the nation to remember those who have passed away, especially in tragic circumstances.

“We share the pain of their families and we reaffirm our support for them. We also think dearly of our two compatriots who have been taken hostage by Somali pirates. I repeat: We will never forget them. We are doing all that we can to reunite them with their families. We are determined, more than ever, to fight the scourge of piracy which is threatening our people and country.”

The President wished all Seychellois, including our compatriots overseas, all residents and visitors to our country, a Happy New Year 2012.

“May God continue to bless our small and beautiful country and protect us. Let us strive for our Seychelles!”



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