SPDF evolves for greater efficiency


Brigadier Payet addressing the gathering on SundayThe forces’ website www.spdf.sc has for example been upgraded and carries interesting photo and video galleries.

It also has the most recent public information about the SPDF, and young Seychellois interested in joining the forces can download application forms from the site.

Brigadier Payet announced the upgrading and other forward steps the SPDF took last year during the annual gathering where the country’s Commander-in-Chief, President James Michel, met members of the SPDF and of the Seychelles Police.

“On the website you can also see the newly published book which gives details about our organisation,” said Brigadier Payet at the gathering, which took place at the International Conference Centre on Sunday.

He said the latest technology has been used to upgrade the site, as well as to military’s server so that the SPDF can better fulfill its mission.

Recounting other achievements, Brigadier Payet mentioned the opening of the new coastguard base which was built on Ile du Port with the help of the United Arab Emirates’ government.

He talked about the SPDF’s victory in encounters with pirates, and noted that Mr Michel had decorated soldiers involved in countering buccaneers’ attempts to take Seychellois fishermen hostage.

“The coastguard’s fleet is slowly growing to be able to respond better to whatever kind of attack whether at sea or on one of our islands,” he said.
He said the air force is also doubling its capacity with a new hangar as four pilots get advanced training overseas.

Special force Tazar is already in place and they are working together with the coastguards at sea and with civil organisations on land. They have been trained to rescue captured hostages, offer VIP protection, give first aid, do demolition work and dive under water among other specialised skills they have gained, said Brigadier Payet, adding they got their three-month training from a special Indian force.

He noted the Seychelles Defence Academy has already successfully run the first course for Young Officer Cadet using the SPDF’s own resources.

“We restarted our training on Coetivy after a break. The training on the island gives a chance to our recruits to concentrate more on what they are being taught. Their presence on the island can also give a measure of security to our fishermen and other citizens.”

He said during the Year 2011, the SPDF took part in many exercises with armed forces abroad such as in France, the US and India.

“Our soldiers have shown their enthusiasm and determination in all the exercises and we have been congratulated for their effort and discipline.

He said Seychelles hosted the East African Standby Force regional ministerial meeting last year where the soldiers got the chance to apprise themselves of the many aspects of regional security.

The SPDF members did exercises with civil organisations such as the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority and the Seychelles Trading Company, the police and others, forming solid teams through intense collaboration.

“They also did much social work to help the community and society such as to give blood at the hospital, helped paint schools and gave civil authorities help in cases of emergency.
“We also excelled in many sports activities such as the Eco Healing Run.”

“The SPDF has kept its vision and we are walking ahead with all of our courage to realise our vision.

“We want to assure our Commander-in-Chief that we have more determination and commitment to stand proudly together with the whole Seychellois community to preserve peace and security in our country,” he said.

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