Air Seychelles to host job fair


Nineteen percent of the workforce were verbally informed by their department directors yesterday of the planned redundancies. This will be followed by their letters shortly.

“We have great respect and empathy with our staff who have been affected and we will do our utmost to help them secure a job, by providing the coordination and advice for their recruitment at the job fair on our premises, Air Seychelles chief executive Bram Steller said.

He said it is possible that some staff will be recruited as cabin crew aboard the airlines, while some may secure jobs on the ground in the UAE and Qatar.
The job fair will take place from 9am to 5pm today, tomorrow and Thursday.
A CV and identification card are needed for job interviews at the fair.

For further queries concerning job opportunities staff are being urged to contact Ivans Nolin of the Department of Employment, who will be present this week at Air Seychelles.

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