PS Morel leaves public service for consultancy


President Michel presents Mr Morel with a gift

Yesterday he paid a farewell call on President James Michel, who thanked him for the years he has put into public service, presented him with a gift and told him:

“Thank you for all the years of your loyal service. You have worked with exceptional dedication to your country, with courage to surmount challenges and to innovate. You have contributed enormously to the progress of Seychelles, and we are grateful for all your effort and professionalism in your distinguished career.”

He wished Mr Morel well in his future endeavours.

Mr Morel told the President:
“Today, I feel very happy with what we have accomplished together through our collaboration in the field of information in Seychelles. Thank you for giving me the chance to work with you, for opportunities for my self-development and to succeed in my field.”

Mr Morel has worked for 35 years in the public sector, among which 32 years were under the direct leadership of President Michel, when Mr Michel was minister, and later as his adviser when he became Vice-President and President.  

Mr Morel steps down from his post of principal secretary with the assurance that he will continue his collaboration with the information sector, as he continues in his role as chairman of the National Information Services Agency.

He was appointed its chairman in April 2010. His other portfolio duties will be under the care of the Secretary of State in the Office of the President.

Mr Morel began his career as a journalist in 1976 at the Information Unit, with the Seychelles Nation, then known as the Seychelles Bulletin, at the young age of 19.
With his sharp news gathering and editorial skills, he rose through the ranks of Nation to become its chief editor.

He was promoted to Director for Information, continuing to manage the Seychelles Nation while forming part of the Ministry of Finance and Information in 2000. In 2004, he joined the then Vice-President Michel’s Office as special adviser for communications.

Following the inauguration of Mr Michel as President in 2006, Mr Morel was appointed principal secretary for Information and Public Relations.

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