Headteachers place more emphasis on good practices


Headteachers listening to one of the presentations during the session

Director general for schools Odile Octave, senior managers, headteachers, school council chairpersons and teachers also attended the session.

Mrs Delcy said she hopes the session will “help the headteachers develop a culture of learning from one another, build trust and confidence as well as develop a sense of pride and satisfaction in what we do well.”

She added that this should be another initiative where “schools and institutions can start documenting their successes and gather as much evidence as possible to support their claim for success or improvement.”

There were presentations by three primary and three secondary schools on seven best practices within their institutions and how they have been run.

Two of the three secondary schools – Beau Vallon and Belonie – discussed pastoral care, while Anse-Royale tabled the issue of school governance.

The primary schools involved were Takamaka, Bel Eau and Plaisance.
The Takamaka representative spoke about the monitoring of teaching and learning, and also brought to light issues on early reading.

Bel Eau’s spokesperson discussed the house system and that of Plaisance talked about meeting students’ needs and the P6 award system.

Among some of the issues raised during the session were the difficulties faced by the student councils in some schools and how to make the learning environment more conducive.

Some schools stressed the importance of parents taking part in school activities as well as their children’s education.

It was also discussed that schools should work closely with social workers to help children who are prone to engage in risky behaviour.

The delegates also agreed that the focus should be on improving reading skills of younger children by providing them with reward incentives, among other things.

The Ministry of Education, Employment and Human Resources says the main aims of holding such an event is to share and promote “good practices in schools” and to discuss how initiatives “can spur others into innovations”.

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