New inhabitants moving to Ile Perseverance-Children urged to keep present schools


Education principal secretary Merida Delcy said this when addressing the parents in one of the consultative meetings on Monday January 9, 2012.

Ms Delcy asked the parents to keep their children in their present schools to avoid major disruption of their studies at such critical stages.

Parents have been informed that the education department is making provision for their children to receive bus passes to travel to their respective schools.

Meanwhile, construction of the new Ile Perseverance school will officially start this month.

In the meantime, the department of education is asking any parents with questions or issues regarding placement of students to contact the schools division at the department of education, Mont Fleuri on: 4283130 or 4283205

The inhabitants were also briefed by various agencies and government departments which will be helping them over the months as they settle in their new homes on Ile Perseverance.

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