2012 edition of local phone book released


Copies of the new directory have already been delivered to the three main The front cover of the 2012 Seychelles telephone directorytelecommunication service providers, namely Airtel, Cable & Wireless and Intelvision, and will be distributed to their respective fixed line telephone service subscribers.

Businesses and members of the public who wish to buy extra copies can do so at R50 a copy at the iMedia Office, VCS Building, Le Chantier.

According to iMedia Seychelles, the latest edition of the Seychelles telephone directory is not only bigger and more comprehensive – with over 400-plus pages – but includes several improvements over the previous editions. 

For example, the durability of covers has been improved using gloss lamination and the bookmark is now strongly fastened to the spine of the book. 

More importantly, the new directory is up-to-date and features the new national 7-digit telephone numbering scheme.

“Overall, the new directory is very attractive and the feedback received so far from the advertisers and telephone service providers has been very positive.  It is very important to satisfy our customers and improve our service in producing the number one marketing tool in Seychelles,” commented the managing director of iMedia, Gilbert Lebon.

He also acknowledged the contribution made by all the other partners in successfully completing the project, in particular, Airtel, Cable & Wireless and Intelvision. 

“Their continued support is crucial.  Similarly, we wish to thank all businesses and organisations that have advertised in the directory,” he added.

Meanwhile, Mr Lebon has noted that more and more people are using the online directory (YellowPages.sc) which has recently been optimised for mobile phones. 

YellowPages.sc for mobile phones has also been upgraded to support Seychelles White Pages which means that you can now easily find the contact number of any person or any business listed in the printed version, call the number or simply add it to your contacts with the touch of a button.

In addition, YellowPages.sc provides all businesses in Seychelles with a new additional platform to advertise their products and services to a much wider audience and also give them the ability to provide much more information to their potential customers such as description of their business, opening hours, payment methods, directions to their business location as well as the ability to download a brochure and view a promotional video. 

“The objective is to provide a business tool for advertisers and users not only from Seychelles but globally as well,” added Mr Lebon.

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