Miss Seychelles pageant to be held earlier than planned


The pageant will now be held on May 26, 2012.
Although this decision will mean an intensification of the training programme for the 12 contestants, the earlier date will allow for greater opportunities and a more fruitful reign for the future Miss Seychelles, according to STB.

One example is the participation of the crowned young lady in the Miss World Beauty Pageant which is to be held in August 2012. The decision to send our Miss Seychelles to the 2012 Miss World Contest instead of the 2013 edition is due to the STB’s determination to make the most of the momentum created by the country’s recently revamped social calendar.

Miss Seychelles’ appearance in this year’s Miss World will maximise the impact of the progress Seychelles is making in showcasing its culture and people to the world.

The organising committee has assured the public of the high standards the STB is committed to achieving, and will go to all lengths to achieve, in promoting Seychelles as the ideal tourist destination.

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