Young Citizens movement-Leaders review past year and plan way forward


Minister Meriton addressing the gathering at the launch of the workshop yesterday

The launch of the two-day camp took place yesterday at the Au Cap primary school in the presence of the Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sport Vincent Meriton, principal secretary for youth and sports Denis Rose, and the Seychelles National Youth Council (SNYC) chief executive Vicky Van Der Westhuizen.

Addressing those present, Mr Meriton thanked the leaders for their hard work and told them they should never underestimate the value of their work and the positive effect that they have on young people.

“I am sure each of us here today have been inspired by an adult at one time or another and in difficult times we think of the wise words passed down to us,” he said.

“I see it fitting that at the start of a new year, we gather and see how we can improve on the services we offer, and identify new ways of doing things.”

The minister added that as a nation, we need to put our country first and live the values of patriotism and citizenship, which form part of the principles of the Young Citizens movement.

“We are ready to give our support so that the movement can achieve all its objectives.
 Through your work, young people can get and retain good values and even help form their character in a way that will benefit themselves and society in the future. Your work is noble and it is through you that the SNYC can achieve its objectives.”

The workshop will also review the calendar of the Young Citizen’s programme, evaluate its strengths and weaknesses and set targets for the year, taking into account the social and moral renaissance issues.

Those gathered also reflected on this year’s theme ‘Striving for our Seychelles’ declared by President James Michel, and deliberated on how they can incorporate it into their work.
Work was also done to plan the Youth Council day, which will be celebrated this year in March to mark the 8th anniversary of the movement.

One of the leaders said that although they are aware of the challenges ahead, they are determined to help mould the youth and make a difference in their lives.

“We all wish to see our youth succeed in life and become good citizens that society needs, so in our programmes we will include elements that will help them develop good values and make good decisions,” she said.

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