Woman gets 10 years for conspiracy to import illegal drugs


Ms Moustache and an accomplice were arrested at her home by agents of the NDEA (National Drugs Enforcement Agency) on September 25, 2009 following a search at a house at Cascade.
During the course of the search, drugs -- that were later identified as heroin, with a street value of R2 million -- were discovered.

In addition, cash to the value of R35,000 and US $15,800 was also discovered, all of which was seized as exhibits for the subsequent court proceedings.
The drugs had arrived in the country by courier at the Seychelles International Airport on September 25, 2009.
The shipment was destined for delivery by the courier service to an address at Cascade, Mahe.

Following suspicions raised by Customs officers dealing with the shipment, NDEA agents were notified and took control of the investigation that resulted in the subsequent searches, seizures and arrests.

The arrest and conviction of this person is significant for a number of reasons, including the excellent cooperation between two state law enforcement agencies -- the Customs and the NDEA -- that led to this successful interdiction and court conviction.

A second has been the smashing of a syndicate that was abusing the lawful entry of goods into Seychelles through the international airport by using the names of legitimate businesses to mask the illegal importation of drugs into the country.

The arrest and conviction of Ms Moustache also marks a growing trend to use women in the process of smuggling drugs through customs and cargo.
Ms Moustache is the tenth female to be convicted of such offences and sentenced to long terms of imprisonment at the Montagne Posée prison.

This conviction should serve as a deterrent to any woman who may be tempted by the prospect of easy money, and not allow themselves to be used to conduct highly illegal activities that carry long terms of imprisonment.
The accomplice who was arrested and jointly charged with Ms Moustache was acquitted by the trial judge following a lengthy trial in the Supreme Court.

NDEA communique

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