Conducive learning environment stays govt’s top priority


The Minister for Education, Employment and Human Resources Macsuzy Mondon made the statement yesterday at the annual school managers’ meeting held in the auditorium of the School of Education of the University of Seychelles, Mont Fleuri.

Mrs Mondon addressing the gathering yesterday

Compared to previous annual meetings which gathered only head teachers, yesterday’s event also brought together senior management staff of the education department – including principal secretary Merida Delcy, and education managers from all primary, secondary and post-secondary institutions.

The education minister announced that two new primary schools will be built in 2012. They are the Glacis and Ile Perseverance primary schools.

She reminded the managers that it is important to teach students and the community as a whole to protect and respect the facilities in their care.

“We have to strive throughout 2012 to educate them so that they take ownership of the institutions in their district and community,” she said.

She also announced renovation work on various institutions, namely the Cascade primary school, Pointe Larue and Beau Vallon secondary schools.

Refurbishment work will also be carried out on the ex-North East Point Hospital to accommodate the students and staff of the National Institute of Health and Social Studies, while a new school is being built, she noted.

As for the new and fully equipped Maritime Training Centre (MTC), she said it will open its doors to the staff and students later this year. 

She said the institution will be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technologies. 
“It will be able to take on new roles and better prepare trainees to meet the needs and challenges of the maritime sector, while new courses will be introduced and past students will have the opportunity to return for higher level qualifications,” added Minister Mondon.
The residential facilities on site will allow for student exchange programmes, aiming to make the MTC the centre for excellence in maritime training in the region.

Mrs Mondon said as the education department forges its way to conquer the challenges of the new academic year, it is fitting for the managers to once more cast a glance on the philosophy of this year’s national theme – Striving for our Seychelles.

“We are all being called upon to give our maximum and to walk the extra mile for Seychelles,” she said.

As they are being guided by the powerful ideals of the theme, Mrs Mondon urged them to reflect on their practice and our purpose.

“Let us all be realistic in all our endeavours for we shall succeed only when we are convinced that we can always do better,” she added.

This, she said, is in the same perspective as the education department’s adoption of the three ‘E’s – Efficiency, Exemplary and Excellence. 

Mrs Mondon also announced promotions of new head teachers which are in line with the ministry’s policy to give hardworking leaders their fair chances to take the helm of the educational institutions.

Magda Rose, who has been the teacher in charge of Silhouette school for the past six years, has been promoted as head teacher of the Baie Ste Anne primary school, replacing Marie-Ange Hoareau who is retiring.

Steve Hoareau is the new head teacher of La Misère primary school, replacing Jeanne Etienne who is also retiring.

Gina Balette, who has been a coordinator for studies for more than 10 years, is the new head teacher for Cascade primary school, while Cynthia Barrack is Silhouette School’s new head teacher.

Those present at yesterday’s meeting also had the chance to view the department’s main achievements for 2011 through a presentation by Mrs Delcy.

Those were in the education reform, communication, administration, capacity building, infrastructure and facilities, as well as international cooperation.

Better ways to retain teachers, management of furniture and recruitment of teachers for critical subjects – mathematics and science – however remains the main challenges of the department in 2012.

Three retiring head teachers, namely Marie-Ange Hoareau, Jeanne Etienne and Merna Chetty, received a token of appreciation from Mrs Mondon for their long years of service and dedication toward the education system.

Still at yesterday’s meeting, the principal secretary in the Vice-President’s office Jeanne Simeon presented the education department with 10 laptop computers and Liquid-Crystal Display (LCD) projectors which will be used in teaching the Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programme in secondary schools.

Mrs Simeon (right) hands over the donation of laptops and projectors to a representative of the department

The meeting ended with the re-launching of the department’s website – – initially launched in October 2002.

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