Work on the new Glacis primary school-Glacis pupils transferred to Bel Ombre primary


Crèche teachers at Glacis primary last week preparing for the move to the Glacis day care centre

Crèche children, on the other hand, will not be moving to Bel Ombre but will instead be schooled in the Glacis district’s day care centre.

The new Glacis day care centre where Glacis primary crèche pupils will be accommodated

These decisions have been taken by the education department now that construction work on the new Glacis primary school will be starting soon and moving the students to the Bel Ombre primary school and to the Glacis day care centre will give them a safe and conducive learning environment.

The Bel Ombre primary school where Glacis primary students from P1- P6 will be accommodated

Since December last, the education department has been in close consultation with parents, members of the school management and other partners such as the department of community development and the Seychelles Public Transport Corporation (SPTC) to work on ensuring a swift and organised move from the Glacis primary school to the Bel Ombre primary school.

Staff of the Bel Ombre primary school cleaning and getting ready to welcome Glacis primary pupils

Provisions have already been made by the education department in collaboration with the SPTC to transport the Glacis children to and from the Bel Ombre primary school.

Parents and teachers will be given all the relevant information with regard to bus passes as well as pick- up and drop-off points during a meeting tomorrow, Thursday January 19, 2012 at 2pm at the Glacis community centre.

The education department is pleased the community development department has come on board to allow crèche pupils to use the newly built day care centre which is not far from the present Glacis primary school.

This is an added advantage as these young children won’t have to travel to Bel Ombre and back to Glacis every day and will also have a safe and friendly environment where to start their schooling.

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